Found out that my boyfriend (PYG-1) has been calling his ex-girlfriend from med school for emotional support.

2021.09.19 16:25 cccommunitychanel Found out that my boyfriend (PYG-1) has been calling his ex-girlfriend from med school for emotional support.

It's been happening for awhile now. We were broken up for a period of time, so I can see how it's nice to have someone else who is in the same shoes as you. Heck, I don't even mind that she's an ex, but he lied about it until I finally found her name on Google.
I've tried so hard to understand and be there for him emotionally and to find out that he's going to an ex-girlfriend without my knowledge makes me feel betrayed. I'm not sure if it has crossed emotional cheating (or maybe this is?), and he has apologized for lying and hurting me.
This is dumb.
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2021.09.19 16:25 Voshir Exo's and memory flashes

Heya everyone I got the high complex helmet a few days ago and noticed the wires sticking out the back and this may sound far fetched or stupid but it got me wondering can exos (I guess other guardians) feel a certain connection with something related to their past? If I remember correctly there have been guardians that have remembered certain things but not sure
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2021.09.19 16:25 Emm3321 Advice needed

I took the SAT the first time a year ago in October and got a 1510. Then, I got a 1530 (790M, 740W) in March 2021 (it was a difficult sat with a pretty high curve) but during the test, I didn't even finish the reading section which I never had a problem with before! I got a 1530 during my practice tests but I still felt like I could have done better on that sat. Now I am thinking of taking it on 10/2/21 because it will probably be the last chance/time I will take it as a senior. I always felt like the sat is less content based and more strategy based so I was hoping that as long as I review my strategies I could do just as well or maybe better? Do you think that if I start reviewing a little starting now I will be able to maintain or improve my score (goal is 1550 or higher)? If so, any tips to improve quickly (I took my time preparing in advance for the other two so I don't really know how to cram...)?
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2021.09.19 16:25 SaintZZombie I've had better conversations with my cat

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2021.09.19 16:25 _NoveltyCunt ESPN Issue with Miami D Total from Week 1

Anyone else seeing that the Miami D score has changed by 1 pt throughout the week a few different times? Now on the site it is incorrectly not applied to the point total leading to a loss showing for me as I was in a very close game week 1 (less than 1 pt) where the sack gives me the lead by .07 pts.

They will eventually fix this right? Watch the Mac Jones highlights from last week. He clearly is sack fumbled on the first play he drops back.
-- from the play by play
1st and 10th in MIA 30 (12:27 - 1st) M.Jones sacked from TM at MIA 39 for -9 yards. LOOSE BALL [C. Wilkins], recovered by NE-J.Smith at MIA 43.
Current point calculation:
4.64 without the sack (+12.5 pts 14-17 its, +4 for 2 fumbles recovered, -0.25 * 16 pts = -4pts, -0.02 * 393 yards for -7.86 pts, totaling 4.64)
+1 pt for the sack is missing
They changed it to include the sack on Wednesday and then in the past 48 hours removed it again. Must be some edge case that's breaking their code where if no one player is credited the sack and its a team sack then there is an issue in counting that.
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2021.09.19 16:25 John_Doe569 Roles in the Team

Hello everyone,
I was wondering if there is a "specific" structure that professional Dota 2 teams follow. So is there always a carry per team or a support etc..
I got this idea from basketball when usual there are either two or three designated guards and forwards per team. Is such a similar phenomenon observed in Dota 2 teams? And if so, do specific players on the teams always play that role?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.19 16:25 Far-Chef-982 [FREE] Westside Gunn x Mach Hommy Type Beat "Fly Shit", any kind of support is welcome ❤️🙏

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2021.09.19 16:25 Maddenel Fall Season Background [Relaxing Music for Meditation]

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2021.09.19 16:25 Specialist_Usual_836 Comeback for “tf you looking at?”/ “why do you keep looking at me?”

No because this dude keeps saying this and I need a comeback to roast this bitch.
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2021.09.19 16:25 NewsElfForEnterprise 2022 Toyota Tundra Teased One Last Time Ahead Of Tonight’s Full Reveal At 9pm EST

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2021.09.19 16:25 berengor_666 Chilling

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2021.09.19 16:25 hungryhippo29 I'm content and yet more stressed than ever

People can tell I'm trying super hard to be sociable to make up for the fact I have no real friends, and the only ones who stick are either distant or more interested in having me as the punchline to their insults.
Last few weeks I've really tried to be sociable since basically acceptance of my ASD earlier this year and more at ease to be myself. Sad thing is the more I try the more people are repelled. I joined a few chatrooms and already I can tell people think I'm hogging the room when all I'm wanting is to chat with others and make friends.
It's throwing up red flags, and then usually I'll say something seen as rude but don't realise so and it pushes them even further away.
I set up a bunch of dates and they're all falling through, I hate that in text I'm great but in person I come across as needy and emotionally messed. Which I guess is true and just pathetic.
I have so much anxiety from these reactions and yet strangely more relaxed that I am not subconsciously forcing myself to be 'normal'.
I hate how I've been on the chatrooms though. First night was great until people realised I talked too much and too openly about stuff in my own life or trying to fit in by trying to talk with them about something from theirs and inadvertently offending them. Sometimes I just want to say "I don't mean anyone any trouble, I'm just socially awkward and trying hard to make friends" but that would be worse. Ugh I hate this, the more I try the worse it gets.
Is this worse than not knowing I got ASD? Well at least now I'm not just hating myself without any reason which in my view is more damaging. I know that my issues stem from something that's inherent, and while I try hard to break from, might remain an insurmountable mountain.
tldr ASD is a mess. Hopefully I don't become Jim Carrey from The Cable Guy, jeez.
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2021.09.19 16:25 mindmaster80 Life after the exams are over....

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2021.09.19 16:25 JonasTuo It aint much, But it’s something.

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2021.09.19 16:25 lifeisliketheseasons I finally got married after 10 years!

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2021.09.19 16:25 Potato-Fries-000 School

Hi, I am currently admitted as a freshman student in college. However, I've already attended college last school year first semester and withdraw from my enrollment during 2nd sem in the same institution. Will my previous school records reflect on my transcript? I mistakenly applied as a freshman in the portal but I emailed them regarding that, but I did not get any response from them. I have a different student number. I am confused about whether I should attend my class even though I already have grades in few subjects or not, Any advice?
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2021.09.19 16:25 crytoloover Airdrop Coin98 de CARTEIRAS ! U$ 2.000 em Token TKO AIRDROP CRIPTOMOEDAS

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2021.09.19 16:25 TytanTroll Goblin chess set printed and painted by a patron

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2021.09.19 16:25 sliding_rb26 Advice for self inflicted patchy beard

I have a beard which on its own is starting to fill out and come out nicely. There are still a couple naturally patchy areas but they are slowly filling in. A year ago i had a lot more patchy areas so i think time will fix those.
However, ive noticed that whenever i am at my desk and need to study or am watching videos or even driving i tend to pick and my beard, twirl it, pull it and just never leave it alone. I constantly notice myself accidentally pulling out long hairs and get frustrated however i cant seem to stop doing it.
When i look in the mirror now i notice under my chin and to its sides now have slight patches which i know shouldnt be like that. I can cover it with the longer hairs that are around them but it still just isnt a great look.
Do you guys ever, or have you ever had the same problem as me? and if so how did you get yourself to stop playing with your beard so much?
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2021.09.19 16:25 crytoloover RIBAR DA SOLANA COIN YA BAYAR

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2021.09.19 16:25 ChicagoForThePeople Love or hate him you can’t deny Travis Scott is easily one of the rappers of all time

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2021.09.19 16:25 Poppyspy Women in Technology: Elizabeth Holmes and Ivanka Trump. Why do we keep praising women that have accomplished nothing.

I just want to point out that there is the famous Bill Clinton interview where Elizabeth struggles hard to BS knowledge about technology.
Similar happened when Ivanka was keynote speaker at CES 2020.
Both are very similar in how they have absolutely no sense what so ever for how general technology connects to the world. Painful interviews to watch.
Why do we keep praising and recognizing the wrong women in Technology forums?
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2021.09.19 16:25 KimKimiePro Momo, Jeongyeon

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2021.09.19 16:25 supereyemedia Air Travel Logo Design

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2021.09.19 16:25 hatstar Disaster movies be like

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