pretty woman Julia M in sexy tights & green leotards | Candid Shiny Girls

2021.10.16 09:49 candid-shiny pretty woman Julia M in sexy tights & green leotards | Candid Shiny Girls

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2021.10.16 09:49 CascadianGuardsman1 After Action 5: Six Chambered Law FT. the Cascadian Friekorps.

Date: May 3rd, 3022.
Cmdr. Frost Callsign "Eightball"
AAR: Operation Angel Lights
it started with a contact ping from the Magistracy a month ago, the contract was a Joint-Op with the FWL to rescue hostages from a self-proclaimed warlord that took over a moon in the Zarthas System, they were taking people from both nations, and a prospecting colony dropship being snatched was the 3rd straw that broke for both the FLW and MOC, I just wished it was their last that was broken.
the contract and intel labeled the battle as "low-high intensity", pilot slang for minimal mechs maximum dangetonnage. somehow these void sucking animals had acquired at least (it was more) 3 assault mechs, but as any recon drone and scout team was destroyed upon planetfall that was all we and the four lances (two from MOC and two from FWL) of support were given. granted the FWL sent one of their KC-0000s with us, probably as a PR stunt if the little camera drone following the pilot was more than an Ego booster for her.
as usual, when dealing with the houses we kept contact minimal and stuck closer to our Periphery neighbors during the transit. the humor was light and spirits were high, which was better than our last contract, I didn't know until then that there were domesticated animals big enough to warrant a 'Mech for wrangling and I wish I was still that ignorant.
planetfall was- it was rough, we lost one of the FWL dropships to flak, I had first thought we were going through a storm cloud with how thick it was, our two dropships were grounded once they landed, the crew refusing to go back up through the "soup" as they called it, both MOC braved a return flight, and the remaining FWL DrpShp, took around to one of its engines also grounding it.
from here the FWL KC-0000 it's lance (2 Centurions and a Catapult), and my second lance:
[Trip, in his Crab, Grappler in his 'Hawk and ValleyJoy in her Wasp along with Flashy in his Crab]. set out to the enemy compound to act as a distraction from My lance:
[myself in my Marauder, Buckethead in her Scorpian Quadmech, Hightime in his 'Hawk, and Gigawatt in her Firefly.] along with the two MOC Lances (mostly Blackjacks and Stingers) flanked on the right.
of course, that plan was almost scrapped when three bloody riflemen started to lay into us once they had visual, of course, that put us into range with them, outnumbered they ran hot, they disabled ValleyJoy in the opening salvo, she had to hang back to the DrpShps, and two of the MOC stingers were ripped apart, both pilots lost. thankfully like all pirate mechs their maintenance always slacked, it seemed to peppered the dropships in atmo and engaging us pushed two of the rifleman to the brink, their ammo cooked off and on had its cockpit explode outward, the last one was pinned by my four MLasers and was cored by the King Crab.
by now though the other pirates were alert, still splitting up meant my lance and the MOC lances avoided most of the direct combat, we had to deal with a lance of LRM carriers and a PO heavy tank. along with an SRM INF patrol ambush, in that one, we lost a blackjack.
the sounds of fighting got louder in the distance by the time we reached our DZ(Designated Zone). the waiting hurt, I knew my soldiers were in combat and we had to wait until the 3 assaults left the fortified Hab-Town, from our ridge we could see at least one still in there. our chance came when a loud boom sounded over the next hill, our forces now closer to the town. the last assault 'Mech a fracking Atlas then left along with 3 centurions. we rushed the town once it dipped behind the hill, the garrison of PO heavy tanks dindled fast once I got closer into ML range.
though more losses, Gigawatt was cooked by a lucky shot, i saw it ricochet off a Hab-wall and into her Jumpjets, the resulting Fuel blast detonated her LRMs. I- I had to shut down coms for a minute for the screams to stop.
though I didn't see them, another blackjack and a stinger were lost, the former cored, and the latter was pushed into a Loading crane by several tanks, it fell on all of them and detonated the tank ammo.
we secured the town, all of our 'Mechs were damaged in some way, and we found that hostages...
out of 500, prospectors and about 1,000 others that were kidnapped only 70 survived their captors and the ensuing battle when we took the town. when the fighting died down beyond the hill we saw a dropship painted black with Teal hazard stripes fly off, from the battlefield, it did not belong to any of our forces. double-timing it to where I hoped we made the enemy retreat I was treated to the sight of a King Crab standing on a downed Atlas, or at least its torso. the head was a smoldering twisted wreck. next to it was another atlas that seems to be standing, when I got closer I saw it was supported by its arm that was wedged into the King Crab upper armor its the hand was the remains of a crushed 'Hawk head.
I do not remember much from that point onwards, Hightime said I had shut down my mech and turned off coms again, while he, bucket head, and the Remaining MOC forces looked for wounded, the Kc pilot was more or less fine as he had a broken arm, Trip was gone, so was Grappler and Flashy. the entire FWL lance was gone except for the aforementioned KC pilot, who when I regained my faculties was disheartened. with the Survivors both civilian and military loaded (including casualties) into the dropships we left to a Friendly FWL border world, we were paid and salvaged maybe a little more than what we were stipend for. no one raised a fuss, or if they did it was after we left back home.
after funeral services were concluded back home, the KC pilot, showed up on Cascade X with his mech, stripped of its paint.
I asked him what he was doing here
"I owe them, where do I sign up?" was his response.
Juiceman [stinger]
Marigold [stinger]
Leggy [stinger]
Kilroy [blackjack]
Martini [blackjack]
Jorge [Catapult]
Mic [Centruion]
Vicious [Centruion]
Lostboi [Griffin]
showtime [Firestarter]
GreenMachine [Firestarter]
Magnetic [Hermes]
wounded: everyone.
AAR: over.
ho boy, that is a lot. I have not written that much in a while. let me know what you guys think.
to dark?
should I go back to writing humor(ish) AAR's?
not enough mech combat?
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2021.10.16 09:49 donbrocoli Can't buy Vampire Costume

Hi! I was playing with my alt account (where i have F1st) on my xbox when I saw the Vampire Costume on the Atom Shop so I switched to my main acc to buy it from there, but it doesn’t appear. Is it only available to buy when you have a F1st membership? Or is it bugged? :(
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2021.10.16 09:48 RunKittyRun22 Check that you are connected to the internet ??! So they added this sentence now in the latest patch. Blizzard, just to let you know: I am using the same internet connection to write a post in reddit that you suck, You bunch of crappy management team. Holy shit fuck this.

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2021.10.16 09:48 monacity1234 can't study , help

idk why i feel sleepy whenever i start to study or listen to the class
i start to yawn even tho i feel good before studying
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2021.10.16 09:48 Enceladusx17 What is the medical condition where My brain suddenly feels heavy and vision is filled with darkness gradually but only for 5 seconds and then im back?

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2021.10.16 09:48 MasterR036 10000 upvots and I won't die of cancer (which I have)

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2021.10.16 09:48 Robinjo1985 Gabrielle Union Had Dreams Of Being A "Video Hoe"

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2021.10.16 09:48 RekaAia “Preparing For What’s To Come” (pre Endwalker)

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2021.10.16 09:48 PaddyJJ Causes of sudden death? I had a 6-month-old djaungarian who urinated herself, spasmed and died today. Maybe she consumed some plastic from the the rings? This was chewed on but I couldn’t find any shavings…. Is that a common cause of death?

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2021.10.16 09:48 PersonalityBusy6496 How to listen to music without using my phone or computer? Any hacks?

So I am planning to do a detox this Sunday but I had this query that if I would like to listen to music but my phone and my laptop is locked somewhere how will I do that?, so if there are any tricks or hacks for doing this please let me know because I have to do this detox tomorrow P.S. - I also need a accountability partner so hit me up if you are planning to do it tomorrow as well
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2021.10.16 09:48 seeksanswerss Fucking ANNOYING

How can a game be this annoying to play? Did nobody in the studio try to play this?
Do i have to penetrate pickups to pick then up? God damn every pickup wants to be cuddle fucked before it will go home with you.
Im going full speed down the road, lets remove the entire hud because, you know. Theres a stupid thing here. STOP EVERYTHING because the thing you don’t care about was over there.
The entire beginning of this game was a joke. 3 hrs in and im just fucking annoyed. Usually id play at least 6 hrs on my first sit down, but nah. Its to aggravating to play that long.
Soooooooo many stupid weird insane shit.
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2021.10.16 09:48 krypto-news-deutsch Top-Analyst prognostiziert 200 % Boom für Ethereum Über Bitcoin – aber Warnung an Krypto-Händler, die Altcoin-Märkte in Betracht ziehen

Top-Analyst prognostiziert 200 % Boom für Ethereum Über Bitcoin – aber Warnung an Krypto-Händler, die Altcoin-Märkte in Betracht ziehen - Ein weithin verfolgter Krypto-Analyst sieht ein volatiles 4. Quartal für Altcoins, denkt aber: Ethereum wird den Zyklus mit einem massiven Run gegen Bitcoin beenden. Kryptostratege Michaël van de Poppe sagt seinen 443.3000 Twitter-Followern, dass dies im Bereich der Möglichkeiten liegt Ethereum in den kommenden Monaten um 200% gegenüber Bitcoin (ETH/BTC) zu erholen.
Er warnt jedoch davor, dass BTC bis Dezember die Märkte auf Kosten der Altcoins übernehmen könnte. Nach Angaben des Händlers ist ... ... weiterlesen auf
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2021.10.16 09:48 szabi1980 Your vote matters

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2021.10.16 09:48 zoowee4 I got a 1270

I tried my best and thought this was the last time would give SAT but did not get my desired result. Can anyone tell me which Unis will accept this sat score and what i need to do to improve my English score.
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2021.10.16 09:48 MyOtherCarIsEpona [Deltarune chapter 1] Jevil was right.

When you first meet Jevil in his cell, he insists that you are, in fact, imprisoned, and that he is the one who is truly free.
He was right about this.
Most of the time, when somebody opens a new deck of playing cards, the first thing they do is remove the Jokers. For most games, they act as wildcards (I CAN DO ANYTHING!). He was too dangerous to remain in the deck.
He is the Joker, so he was removed from the deck.
The rest of the cards still remain in the deck.
Lancer, the Jack of Spades. Chaos King, the King of Spades. (Queen might be the Queen of spades?)
The Kings who are "trapped"(?) in one of the zoo carts.
Hathy - Hearts
Rudinn - Diamonds
Clover - Clubs
These are all trapped IN the deck.
Jevil is removed from the deck and therefore "free".
He wasn't lying or delusional.
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2021.10.16 09:48 Brilliant_Junket7970 bias

everyone in the tvd fandom is so biased that it’s actually exhausting to have conversations and i find it very annoying that the same things are being said. can people come up with something new?
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2021.10.16 09:48 Bavoon Accountant filed to companies house without director approval

Hey Folks,
I realise this is on the boundary of accounting practice and law, but hopefully you can help.
I have a new LTD company, and we use a small professional accountant. They recently messed up, a junior accountant was asked (by a senior, not by me) to update a record in their internal systems. That junior misunderstood and filed a motion with companies house to change the name of my LTD. I did not approve this (I was never asked about it), and the junior marked “Directors have approved this change” as part of their submission.
The accountant has now “resolved” the issue, filed another change of name to get us back to the original name.
Is this a minor thing, or a big problem? We now have a spurious double change of name on our records, which I don’t want. Should I be reporting this to companies house or anything like that? Ideally I want no name changes on record.
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2021.10.16 09:48 Starlady174 The tiniest of big spoons, and the biggest of little spoons

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2021.10.16 09:48 darkfire621 😫 My line up solid???

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2021.10.16 09:48 elhotzo_bot El Hotzo, 16.10.2021

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2021.10.16 09:48 IgnisAngelus96 [KPOP IN PUBLIC] aespa 에스파 - Savage Full Dance Cover by STYLEME CREW, BOSTON 커버댄스

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2021.10.16 09:48 highnchillin_ The Looking Glass, a psychedelic adventure through a crystalline world

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2021.10.16 09:48 Dr_Screwlittle Dogs are amazing

That’s it. You all know it I don’t have to sell you on them.
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2021.10.16 09:48 RudolfDassler Ridiculous Price

Ridiculous Price Open Tokentrove today and I see this.
What is that ridiculous price? Is that some kind of Money laundering ?
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