2021.10.16 10:37 No-Arm-1256 Joker

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2021.10.16 10:37 rexinmou [] 55% OFF 10pcs Handy Cable Clips! Only $8.99! Code:50O8PUO7

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2021.10.16 10:37 inmoon کارتون اسکوبی در جزیره زامبی Scooby-Doo on Zombie 1998

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2021.10.16 10:37 Oh-Sasa-Lele Why did Dudley change after he faced the Dementors?

We know that Dudley saw himself how he really is. But why did that change him? I mean he was like that all the time and didn't care, so why would he suddenly change after this encounter?
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2021.10.16 10:37 inmoon امید افخم رفیقیم دیگه

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2021.10.16 10:37 sebastian-is-here It's sooo fucking cold

im not used to 23°C it's so cold i just want a blanket
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2021.10.16 10:37 deniercounter I would like to use git for versioning files that I use in a react front end GUI to prefill a complex form that is created and can be changed from my users that aren’t IT affin. This not about normal git source control use. Has someone an idea?

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2021.10.16 10:37 WillCorvete Dino

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2021.10.16 10:37 One-Particular-9123 Audio shuts off after a while?

This just started happening,I listen to YouTube videos well I play. Both audios turn off for a moment then my YouTube audio comes back but fallouts audio stays gone? Is this a problem with my head set or a problem with the game? Any help would be appreciated:)
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2021.10.16 10:37 Puzzleheaded_Let7881 Up late coming down if anybody wants to talk about anything. Nothing dirty please

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2021.10.16 10:37 inmoon کارتون اسکوبی دوو و و پادشاه جادوگر Scooby-Doo and the Goblin King 2008

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2021.10.16 10:37 testarogue Ariana Grande

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2021.10.16 10:37 StcStasi Cloudberries got this chipmunk bleeping.

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2021.10.16 10:37 Sea_Sir1895 sinemalar açık mı

Bugün venoma gidicez sizce gidilir mi ?
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2021.10.16 10:37 One-Tonight2975 No, no, hear me out

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2021.10.16 10:37 mourningblues BDONG’S SISTER?

Ok just found this subreddit, I’ve been deeply disturbed by BD for a hot minute, cool to know I’m not alone. I’m about 2 days deep in the sub and I’m noticing people mentioning her sister a lot as a rational person. Have we proven she’s a sane human of sound mind and body and knows how batshit BD is? Just curious about any history we have on the sister
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2021.10.16 10:37 originaltoasternoodl Best product to get rid of real bad hair algae ?

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2021.10.16 10:37 H25azbxwyz Docs reveal 'no good reason' why police killed woman on Jan. 6: Judicial Watch

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2021.10.16 10:37 jjminaste Made wrong choices in ep 8, need insights

So my phone's been acting up, it automatically clicks the choices and they're all wrong ones ffs. It's regarding richy being attacked in the forest. Will this dramatically affect the following events? I'm afraid I might have a bad ending for this or something.
Who has chosen the choice of Thomas having to find Richy in the forest? what happens next? but I also gave him and cleo the wrong info about the forest (due to my phone) so idk if they will indeed find him
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2021.10.16 10:37 Historical-Issue1939 Yo

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2021.10.16 10:37 Godfirstr Spooktober!!..Newly listed in comments

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2021.10.16 10:37 Drvonfrightmarestein The hero’s journey

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2021.10.16 10:37 TheSoulCatcher3 Vol 9 spoilers

On page 127 of the official novel, it says
"My giant scyth still seems to have that kind of attribute(talking about rot), do I thought maybe if I'd be able to use it all right, but that was a failure. It started to activate without a problem so I paniced and shut it off. I still got a little recoil, since I stopped it so adruptly, but I'm sure it's nothing compared to what would happen if I actually activated it. But warning signs were going off in my head so loudly in that moment that I'm not sure if I eould have survived."
Imagine when she can use this thing. She become a god of death or something. Death and space and darkness and spiders. That's a lot of things.
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