E.ciotti va t-il entré en dissidence ?

2021.12.05 11:22 Apo-El-Patron E.ciotti va t-il entré en dissidence ?

Primaire LR: Ciotti critique Pécresse au lendemain de sa victoire (yahoo.com)
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2021.12.05 11:22 JayDeesus Best hero for solo carry to climb

Hey guys, I come from playing league and I am looking to climb the ranks up to the level to where the game has actual structure to it where there are proper roles and not just bots running in. I’m not sure who is good to just straight up carry.
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2021.12.05 11:22 No-Watercress-9116 If I have a bachelor degree in dentistry can I apply for masters in psychology?

basically title. if you know about colleges outside the us too please comment
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2021.12.05 11:22 DarrylDelgado10 Looks nice Borderlands

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2021.12.05 11:22 Archi_violencia ¿Cómo es que acá casi todos aparentan ser buena gente?

Sueno super antisocial ya sé, pero hace varios meses que tengo la teoría de que los grupos grandes son una mierd4 con gente a la que posiblemente podés ofender, o que quizá sean malas personas que te traten para el orto, o que sean demasiado políticamente correctos, o que a lo mejor te ven como raro si decís ciertas cosas etc, y que los grupitos de 3 o 4 personas muy confiables entre sí son lo bueno de verdad por decirlo así, donde podés tirar cualquier chiste o inquietud o cosa sin filtros/con muy pocos filtros y no pasa nada.
Sin embargo, medio que veo que acá en este sub eso no pasa. Justo encima un amigo el otro día me dijo "odio a la mayoría de la gente. La gente es una mierda pero tengo mis excepciones". ¿Acá en este sub veo que las excepciones son demasiadas entonces? jajaja. Como que acá uno si puede tirar cualquier chiste o contar lo que quiera (al menos bastante).
Igual estoy suponiendo todo esto. A lo mejor fuera del sub son todos asesinos hijos de puta y apenas los conozco xd, pero digo que aparentan ser buena gente por lo que escriben acá nomás.
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2021.12.05 11:22 Yeslol0101010 but why tho?

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2021.12.05 11:22 blaktronium New Writer at the Chia Plot has a great starters guide on trading Chia

How To Trade Chia The following articles have been developed by our own Ryan Jerome as a guide for how to to trade Chia cryptocurrency as the markets exist at time of writing. We will be adding to this and periodically updating the articles, so check back whenever you have questions.
Disclaimer not financial advice. Not an expert. Anyone trading Chia or other cryptocurrency does so at their own risk.
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2021.12.05 11:22 savannah_is_here how to break up

ok so just to add before both of us are minors and in high school. so i (f) and my current girlfriend (we’ll call her a) are both high school students. we’ve been dating for only 2 months. i am mentally unwell at the moment and have been since before we were dating. she is very sweet, but relies on me for all of her problems. i’ve had to talk her out of su1de a few times. don’t get me wrong, she is very nice, but i can not handle all of her problems on top of mine. i have realized that i am not ready for a relationship, as i am not in the right headspace. but the issue is im not sure how to break it off, because i don’t want her to do anything irrational over it. what should i do?
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2021.12.05 11:22 hikista19 How do I connect a Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C cable into my 2015 MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt2?

Hi there, I have a DELL 452-BCCW docking station (see here) with a USB-C cable that I would like to connect to my Early 2015 MacBook Pro. Can anyone help me how I can do this?
As you guys probably know, the following connections and expansion are possible to the MB 2015: link
Connections possible into the DELL docking station is here: link
There's a USB-C cable coming out of the docking station that I'd need to connect to my laptop. Works perfectly with the new MacBooks that have a USB-C input, but not with the old ones since they lack USB-C connectivity.
I tried to use a USB-C to USB-A adapter, but that did not work.
I've heard rumours that there is a way to connect Thunderbolt 3 (or USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2, however, I could find any adapters for this online.
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2021.12.05 11:22 Defiant-Tell-6086 Good morning and goodnight messages

If not, you might have seen my other message asking for a first date idea. If not, basically I’ve met this girl I really like and asked her out, and she said yes, but I’ve never been in a relationship before, sooo basically I just asked her out a few days ago and we were planning things and stuff. I always say goodnight and stuff, but is it too fast if I say good morning boo or anything because it’s only been a minute if you know what I mean, and if it is, what else can I say for goodnight and good morning?
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2021.12.05 11:22 AlphaAstroXalt Guys guys Guys

In his latest Minecraft video, I think MatPat took some from my posts. I do not want to accuse him or anything, but still, so nice. I am AlphaAstroX except I deleted my old acount.
this is his video
I did make a post on a possible builder-piglin war and also sent a screenshot of that "the piglins mined it all" here in reddit, so cool
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2021.12.05 11:22 shaxx747 Windows 11/graphics drivers issue I think?

I have an integrated gpu and a dedicated gpu (gaming laptop) been trying to play modded minecraft with my mates but every time I’m done with a session and quit out the game crashes and won’t boot up again, what also happens is that games like Jurassic world evolution 2 won’t detect my graphics card and won’t boot up.
The fix for this is rebooting my pc, only thing that caused this issue was modded minecraft but recently when generating a new terraria world, I tabbed out and then Horizon Zero Dawn gave me an error when I tried to boot it up. Something about my graphics card not having enough VRAM even though it does. When I got to the main menu of the game and to the settings it would say I have over the minimum but the game doesn’t load past the main menu.
I haven’t had this issue before updating to windows 11 and I’m wondering if it’s a driver issue? I recently updated my drivers and bios and running modded minecraft off integrated gpu has given me little issues, but is obviously not really what I want to do.
Could anyone maybe provide insight into this problem please? :)
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2021.12.05 11:22 rosacanin Can you guys please recommend me a new hairstyle and color? I sadly have to follow the office policies so no bright unnatural colors, but I kind of want something exciting still

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2021.12.05 11:22 kebabking93 In response to u/SuperBGN threatening to buy a Joelinton kit. I'm already ten steps ahead!

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2021.12.05 11:22 derrickowenjames Don't lie.Yoy didn't do any research

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2021.12.05 11:22 Wary_Height_ 🎄How To Make Roast Pork Lion | HERB & GARLIC Roasted PORK LION. Recipe by Always Yummy!

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2021.12.05 11:22 MrSwipe77 Why Dream won't end Dream Smp

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2021.12.05 11:22 radioactive_beans This is a permanent shadow of a person at the exact moment the atomic bomb went off in Hiroshima

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2021.12.05 11:22 cdzpg No hotwheels at Walmart till January

Just talked to another collector, he was told my Walmart management that direction across the board is pegs down as no stock till January.
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2021.12.05 11:22 Ragnvaaldr Work in progress Necro D2R fan art by me. Follow my IG @orengoart

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2021.12.05 11:22 TwinDenis "The Brain Shell" NFT For Sale eth 0.004 (7Days)

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2021.12.05 11:22 dickmcgeo 21/EST/PC I want to be friends and play games with you :)

Heyooo my name's John. :)
To start since this'll put off some people, I can only call in the day typically. Can play at night but limited to texting myself.
Anywayy howdy, I'm 21 and from New Hampshire, looking for friends to play pretty much anything with. I enjoy some of everything but been playing a lot of board/card games on Tabletop Simulator, rpgs, roguelikes, Pokemon, and the occasional dose of mediocre MMOs. Also really enjoy singleplayer games so always up to play those and watch each other or whatever else we could do with them, randomizers or challenges or whatever. Plus been getting into visual novels again.
For board games I like most things, not too big a fan of social deduction type games since I can never figure them out and am suuuper bad with social games. Some ones I know I enjoy are Binding of Isaac Four Souls, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Talisman, and Everdell, plus deckbuilders in general. Open to anything though.
Rpgs vary a lot but I tend to go for more difficult games, Don't Starve Darkest Dungeon are two. Main roguelikes I enjoy are Binding of Isaac and Slay the Spire. For Pokemon I haven't played many official games, and none past Emerald yet, down to do nuzlockes or randomizers of any together. I mostly play fangames or Pokemon Showdown, some PokeMMO. Bad MMOs are a guilty pleasure of mine, usually the ones that are funny bad so I can laugh at them with someone and spend time with a friend. Also totally down for modded Minecraft, I find it super fun.
Outside of gaming I enjoy reading, writing, movies, anime, music. We can do any of those together as well if you want. :)
Hoping for real friends with this, not just occasional gaming buddies. Open to anyone 18+, don't feel comfortable talking to minors. I'm LGBTQ+ friendly so open to anyone in the community too. Timezones aren't a big deal to me.
My Discord is Walla Walla#3332 if you want to add me. I hope to hear from you. :))
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2021.12.05 11:22 ShadoW4719 DestiCube 1.18 Releasing at 1PM EST!

Hey there Adventurer!
If you are reading this it's probably because you want to explore the new 1.18 Minecraft caves and cliffs. Good news, we are releasing our brand new 1.18 Custom SMP server in about 4 hours!
We offer a lot of custom features that will make your experience more fun and unique. We also have a really nice community that you will love to play with. We are waiting for you!
Check my pinned post for more details, or send me a message on Discord (ShadoW#8080)!
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2021.12.05 11:22 No-Performance-2509 KSIĄDZ KATOLICKI ZROBIŁ KOKAINOWY SZCZUR

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2021.12.05 11:22 Equivalent-War-430 Giving for 50$ psn or 2 20$ ones pls buy

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