Tod shows off and gives an explanation of his daggers

For all his irreverence toward the church, for all his open-minded, influence-seeking study of eastern and western philosophy, he is a profoundly Christian writer, and one whose faith is, on the ... In normal you just look up directly the TC and off you go, but in NM and Hell we have "TC upgrades". This is what the two columns that I haven't explained yet are for - "group" and "level". In NM or Hell, if a monster's level is higher than the level of his base TC, and there is another TC in the same group which is higher level but still equal ... Shaidar Haran (Old Tongue: Hand of the Dark) appears to be a Myrddraal. As his name suggests, his function is to serve as the hand and mouthpiece of the Dark One in the world. He is much taller than a normal Myrddraal and seems to have a sense of humor, something normal Fades lack. He appears to have the ability to deny channelers their ability to touch the True Source. He is first introduced ... The men who set the tone in conversation--Count Rostopchin, Prince Yuri Dolgorukov, Valuev, Count Markov, and Prince Vyazemski--did not show themselves at the club, but met in private houses in intimate circles, and the Moscovites who took their opinions from others--Ilya Rostov among them--remained for a while without any definite opinion on the subject of the war and without leaders. According to the in-game tooltips 1 agility gives me 0.0132% dodge and 0.0160 crit, this means 120 agi gives: 120*0.0132=1.5840% undimished dodge 120*0.0160=1.9200% crit 120*2=240 armor The crit and armor are the same as they were at 70, unfortunately the dodge is only half as much. Even as a federal appeals court prepares to review the constitutionality of Texas’ controversial voter ID law, the law will remain in effect, the U.S. Supreme Court said in an order Friday.. However, noting the time-sensitive nature of the case as the November elections approach, the Supreme Court also hinted that if the full U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals hasn’t issued a definitive ... Characters in Dragon Age Inquisition may engage in romantic relationships with companions, advisors, and other characters they encounter in the Goldar and Silverback. Goldar and his older brother Silverback were the elite warriors who served Lord Zedd and had earned many victories in his name, his race was given a new armored piece for each victory, his brother Silverback was considered as their greatest fighter with Goldar a close second. One day after another victory over a resistance planet, Zedd's emissary arrived and told Goldar ... This page is for Wasabi, the character who first appeared in Big Hero 6 (film). For the manga adaptation of the same character, see Wasabi (manga). For the original Marvel Comics character, see Wasabi No-Ginger. Wasabi is a major character in Big Hero 6. He is a member of the superhero team Big Hero 6. Few things are known about Wasabi's past: His father is an orthodontist, he grew up on an ... Dofus is a tactical turn-oriented massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed and published by Ankama Games, a French computer game manufacturer. Originally released solely in French, it has since been translated into many other languages. The game includes both pay-to-play accounts offering the full experience and free-to-play accounts offering a more limited amount of ...

2021.12.05 12:13 pinkflyingpigs Tod shows off and gives an explanation of his daggers

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2021.12.05 12:13 m4ro2 Virgin vs Unbleached?

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2021.12.05 12:13 killHACKS Yep

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2021.12.05 12:13 irapegoblins_ Genshin 🤢🤢

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2021.12.05 12:13 captain_dolon Praise the dip!

Because of the dip I was finally able to reach my goal amount. Now I can sit back and wait for V2!
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2021.12.05 12:13 AzuraBeth Is it possible to refill a regular juul pod?

I have a quite beefy vape mod but I'm trying to reduce the nicotine I'm inhaling so I bought a juul mostly for the novelty and so my regular vaping liquid doesn't have nicotine in it but can still have some when needed. I know there are refillable juul pods but I was wondering if I could just refill the regular pods with my preferred flavour because I'm lazy and don't want to pay for a refillable one.
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2021.12.05 12:13 Extermikate WITDW did I drop my family’s entire lunch on the floor?

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2021.12.05 12:13 Smoke14 What do you guys make of this YouTube channel?

I found this channel while perusing YouTube the other day. I find it hard to believe it's true and have not see these video's mainstream yet ?
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2021.12.05 12:13 TofuOfu literally unplayable, fix your game

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2021.12.05 12:13 Temporary-Suit9121 Wen Ape Head Count? everyone says 4 million but that was 6 months ago!

For all the fucking unverifiable numbers we are subjected to we could actually get a verified count of Apes worldwide. How many Apes matters because shorts would paint of a picture of themselves as a dam holding back a lake when it’s in reality more like sandbags holding back the ocean! Maybe the mayo cartel has as much $$ as 4 million Apes…but as much as 10 million Apes? Less likely. I don’t have the skill to create it but if a website was created that just said who ape? Where Ape(just like country/state) and maybe even just do like say a nft to verify for each person who participates, we could show the world how big our numbers truly are and that this is a global movement! Seems like a good way to tilt the public perception as to who is gonna win this fight. It would scare me if I was investing with shf’s. Apes are as likely to be our own MOASS catalyst is anything. Apes Together Strong
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2021.12.05 12:13 asapraz Got every paper dm me asap

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2021.12.05 12:13 Jolly-Maintenance764 Looking for somebody to build me a custom keyboard

Looking for somebody to build me a custom keyboard with tropical switches.
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2021.12.05 12:13 RancerDS Nothing to Complain About This Morning

They say writing in (typing out) a journal is therapeutic. That must be somewhat true.
I really can't think of anything which merits a complaint. Would I still like to see some changes? Sure. Who doesn't? Honestly??
I'm sure there are cards out there that people want to see banned. Unless they're the ones playing them. HA! LOL now.
I realize M:TG Arena is never going to give you paper in exchange for your virtual cards. And it would be nice if there were more paper pack options for getting virtual codes. But since I don't buy the physical product any longer... that's not an issue for which I can complain... doesn't affect me.
Notice I didn't title this "I don't have anything to express this morning".
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2021.12.05 12:13 Algabahhh Need help finding certain episodes for a friend

i have a friend who i recently introduced to the show and they love. However, they are sensitive to the topic of suicide and i need help remembering which episodes contain it so they can avoid it, if some of you could list some episodes that do include it i would greatly appreciate it!!!
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2021.12.05 12:13 kanchajain अंग्रेजी अनुवाद

भुसुना किरा को अंग्रेजी मा सही शब्द के हो
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2021.12.05 12:13 t8ke Happy Repeal Day! On this day in 1933, the 18th Amendment was repealed!

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2021.12.05 12:13 imyunang Get energized and feel the good vibes with upbeat, happy, catchy and energetic indie / rock / alt / pop tunes. Perfect playlist to start your day. [Pop]

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2021.12.05 12:13 FossaNera Mom cat feed her kitty

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2021.12.05 12:13 Pain827281 Who is attractive to bambi that’s disgusting

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2021.12.05 12:13 Vultur3002 Friend has started smoking and I don't know what to do.

Hi So I have a friend (19 F) and I myself am a 19M. We met in college and we hit it off right away. She has a boyfriend and I'm cool with that ( I have no ulterior motives) The issue is that my friend has another friend, X. X is a chain smoker. My friend has started smoking on and off with her. Right now she only smokes when we go to college (which isn't a lot coz covid) and on parties. I'm concerned that if she continues on this path she'll become a long term smoker. I've talked to her about it and she agrees and intends to quit. The issue, is that X keeps asking her to join in while smoking and my friend tends to oblige and regrets it later. What should I do? I've made her realise the consequences and I can see she intends to change, but she fails to say no when X calls her for a smoke. My friend swears that she's just a social smoker, but in reality she smokes whenever she gets the chance.
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2021.12.05 12:13 Anonymous_Phantom42 Ummm what is he doing?

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2021.12.05 12:13 Soul_Mixer78 “Okakuri best OTP”

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2021.12.05 12:13 Sea-Maintenance-2255 Transitioning in your 30s is a hell of a thing

Well, more like "remaking your entire life in your 30s" is a hell of a thing.
I see a lot of advice about your 30s being a time where you know yourself more and have more confidence in who you are. Maybe you're more settled in a job. Maybe you have more money to spend on what you want.
But... what if you don't have these things? Some people talk about transitioning being like a second adolescence, but for me it feels like I'm speedrunning my first, and I'm not sure how I feel about this.
I spent my late teens-early 20s going through academia. I was so sure I would be a professor in my chosen field by the time I was thirty, but when I got to doing my PhD I realized it wasn't for me, and left. I spent the tail end of my 20s bouncing through different types of jobs, struggling with depression, working how to process my neurodivergent traits and, yeah, trying to come to terms with my gender.
It's only really in the last few years that I've being living full time as a woman, and only in the last year that I've fully moved out of my parent's place (first independent place post-college).
And now I'm in my early 30s and it's like... being 21 at 31 is something else. I'm poor, working in an entry-level position, and living in a rented apartment. I'm priviliged to be able to experience a life mostly free of transphobia in the real world, but I still feel like I'm still exploring who I am and who I want to be, whilst peers and friends my own age (who I've known since my early college days) are all settled in mid-career positions. Some have their own homes. Some have their own kids, wtf! I feel like I'm still deciding on my own course, you know? And that's fine, no problem with that, but it can feel isolating, like I'm the only teenager in a room filled with adults.
I've made a lot of new friends in the last few years through LGBT events or meetup groups. A lot of them are in their mid 20s. Which again, is no problem, but I don't know how I feel about the fact I relate to them more than someone who is in their late 30s. Someone who is 24 is the same distance in age away from me as someone who is 38, yet my brain says "friend!" quite easily for the former, and (sometimes, not always) "mom" for the later. I know that's something I need to work on, but I do find it so much easier to relate to other people who are in an "exploratory" stage of their life, and maybe aren't so settled in who they are or where they're going.
Older people aren't boring or uninteresting, but I can often feel like a child next to them, even to some people who are technically younger than me. It's only really around very openly queer folks and other ND women that I feel completely comfortable with folks my own age, maybe because I feel like they would understand my unusual life journey. I guess I probably feel like 24 mentally too, maybe because that's the age that I left academia and my mental health problems really started.
Has anyone got any advice?
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2021.12.05 12:13 Snoo_36086 Any suggestions greatly welcome. Must win week. PPR. 🙏

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