atfii z47si s3tak 8ya86 8afzt brdyh ey5n7 b9z8s 7rerr tkati 6skbb 7et93 5eiyt ezt5y 939ed r3ssh 4k3dn 59yi8 hbbyz y4hbt 6bf6h SSI arbejder på højtryk: Omikron-variant nærmer sig 200 tilfælde i Danmark | Byggefirmaet Barslund, der har næsten 500 ansatte, er gået ...

SSI arbejder på højtryk: Omikron-variant nærmer sig 200 tilfælde i Danmark

Det er det næsthøjeste antal registrerede tilfælde på et døgn hidtil. I går var tallet 5.120, og det var det højeste registrerede nye tilfælde på et døgn herhjemme. Samtidig er der nu i alt fundet 14 tilfælde af Omikron-varianten. 11 af de 14 har forbindelse til rejseaktiviteter

2021.12.05 12:10 newsdk SSI arbejder på højtryk: Omikron-variant nærmer sig 200 tilfælde i Danmark

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2021.12.05 12:10 gem1416 Angel's bday and Christmas wish

Hi everyone, I am not sure how this works. But my baby girl has a December birthday and we just can't afford toys or a big holiday meal this year. We had a flood in our home and I lost my job. Any help would be soooo appreciated!! Thank you kindly strangers.
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2021.12.05 12:10 KaosSpazzJr69 Reshiram on me adding 10

1461 0996 9421
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2021.12.05 12:10 mynameisnotmiles Flytte til Vardø

Jeg har muligens rota meg bort i en litt kinkig situasjon. Jeg takka, til min egen store overraskelse, ja til et jobbtilbud i Vardø, og starter utpå nyåret en gang. Har null tilknytning verken til Vardø spesielt, eller Norge nord for Trondheim generelt.
Er det noen som har erfaringer med utleiemarkedet helt ytterst nord-østpå? Andre tips og råd settes også stor pris på!
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2021.12.05 12:10 StonedSamura1 Duda de joven principiante en todos los sentidos.

Buenas gente, espero que anden bien!
Tengo una consulta muy simple que es causa de un objetivo muy concreto: quiero empezar a ahorrar e invertir dinero.
No tengo nada de experiencia en estas cuestiones, por eso les pregunto que es lo mejor.
Cual es la mejor forma de guardar mi dinero? usar un plazo fijo? Comprar dólares? (me deben estar faltando miles de posibilidades que desconozco)
Y en cuanto a invertir, que me conviene? me estoy iniciando lentamente en el mundo de las cripto, pero independientemente de eso, hay alguna otra cosa que me estoy perdiendo y que recomienden?
No se si es necesario saber esto, pero soy laburante, no tengo el mejor sueldo del mundo, pero me permite reservarme una fracción que actualmente "ahorro", en pesos. Esos ahorros son los que me quiero sacar de encima.
Muchas gracias!
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2021.12.05 12:10 GizmoDOS [Thank You] To all of you!

Hi everyone! This is a little late and far from complete, but life has been kicking me in the rear lately. That said, we'll get started immediately!
u/Cheeneebobeanie - Thank you so much for your bird card! I came home to that after a long, rough day at work and laughed until I cried! It's ridiculously beautiful!
u/snerdboff - Thank you so much for your note! I hope your house was swarming with trick or treaters!
u/yetanotherblankface x2 - Thank you so much for your cryptid card! It was a fun one to look up more about! Also thank you so much for the flair card. She is gorgeous!
u/PricklyPots - Thank you so much for the flowers! Hopefully I will have some hobby time soon! Thankfully, I can still read pretty often at work in between the chaos. I hope you get to learn knitting soon! Youtube is a pretty great resource!
u/Hollywood7 - Thank you so much for your haunted house postcard! I'm going to have to figure out where you find all of these cool cards!
u/oksandz - Thank you so much for the butterfly card! I wish you the best in taking your health into your own hands. Remember that small changes, with time, make a huge difference!
u/bluemola - Thank you so much for the William Morris postcard! I have some cards with his artwork on them and it's so lovely (remind me to send you one)! Elegant, while both muted and vibrant! I love his style!
u/josephineismyhero - Thank you so much for the Watkins Glen postcard! Now you've done it! You've made me add yet another place to my bucket list!
Last but mot least, in the pile I'm putting up today, I would like to thank my Dad. He doesn't have a Reddit account, but he has been scanning old family photos and sending them to me one at a time as postcards. In the last three weeks, I have received one of his college days, one of my mother at the Trinity site, and one of my 8 or 9 year old grandfather.
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2021.12.05 12:10 Andro4Ever Podurama: Great free podcast player, ad-free. Has a lot of features and is easy to use.

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2021.12.05 12:10 Ultra243 Bitmart hacker sold $3,600,000 and we didn't really dropped that much

We dropped from Z8,1750 to Z8,1400... some of you expected 9 or 10 zeros. Time to buy the dip.
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2021.12.05 12:10 newsdk Omikron gør indtog i Danmark: Særligt to ting vækker bekymring hos SSI

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2021.12.05 12:10 sainibawa Custom paint

Hey Guys can anyone tell me how many limited events for 718 cayman metallic paint? I want to know if you can start progressing toward metallic paint without even having 2 stars Thanks
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2021.12.05 12:10 ojsa0d1 History: Why Spaniards rarely took refuge in North America during Franco era compared to German/Austrian Jews during Nazi era?

I like reading a book about World War 2 and Cold War in my free time. And I have read about a large number of German/Austrian Jews fleeing Germany under the Nazi to North America (ex. Albert Einstein, Edward Teller, Henry Kissingertes, Karl Stern etc.), some of them moved to the UK and France first, and then took a ship to North America later (ex. Otto Loewi, Hannah Arendt, John Polanyi, and Karl Polanyi).
In short, it was like North America always being their first choice...
Now, let's look at Spain at the same time, many Spaniards (esp. Spanish republican) fleeing the Franco to France, Switzerland, Belgium and a lesser extent to Latin America (esp. Argentina, Uruguay, Columbia, Venezuela, and Mexico).
I understand France, Switzerland, and Belgium was close for Spaniards going by car or on foot, but it was also like North America like the US and Canada never being on their mind(!?).....I mean you guys could take a ship from France or Belgium, across the Atlantic ocean, to start a new life in America.
So, what makes you guys ignore North America at that time???
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2021.12.05 12:10 chanterelle20 I'm new, modest, help me get started) I promise the first exclusive to the first subscribers)
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2021.12.05 12:10 -MIKZ- All EU Servers locked for new Characters?

I just tried to get back to this game and can not create a Character on any world in EU Light or Chaos servers.
Do I have to refresh until it works or is there a specific time window that you have to be in in order to create the character?
I've never encountered sth like that in an mmo until now. I actually cant play the game although I paid the subscription.
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2021.12.05 12:10 AllureDreams1998 Bitcoin Node - My Rules

Bottom Line Up Front: How do I choose which rules I want to abide by? (i.e. if there is a fork, how do I decide which way I want to move forward?)
We have all heard about the saying "not your keys, not your crypto"; however, I am curious about "not your node, not your rules". For my node, I run the UmbreI software/platform, I have a 8GB Raspberry Pi with a 1TB Solid State Drive (SSD), and I just reached 100% synchronization with the blockchain to help support and further decentralize the network.
In a world where anyone can decide to simply copy the computer code and create a new fork, how do I decide if I want to accept/agree to the new rules. For instance, most people know here that there is a current hard cap of 21 million BTC on the "real" chain (i.e. the most accepted chain). However, if someone wanted to change the rules and have a hard cap of 22 million BTC on their version, how do I choose if I want to stay with the "old" chain (i.e. 21 million BTC) versus the "new" chain (i.e. 22 million BTC).?
To be clear, I am not here to discuss why I would want 22 million BTC over the "original" 21 million BTC. This about the concept of agreeing to new rules and the example above was used to demonstrate my thoughts. So, in future Bitcoin Improvement Protocols (BIP), how do I choose which version I want? How do I even know I have the version that I want right now (i.e. I want the fork with TapRoot, 21 million BTC, etc)? Is this done via Umbrel software?
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2021.12.05 12:10 iixxad When to register & benefits

Hey all. All of this legal talk about self-employment is stressing me out and I feel like I hardly understand anything no matter what I read, so I'm asking here. I also have a pretty specific situation, so I would really appreciate the help...
At the moment, I'm unemployed and on my partner's benefits (ESA). I care for him but don't have a carer's allowance. I've written and published a book last year that's free on Amazon but next year (May/June) I want to publish a second one and sell it on Amazon, which means income, which means I have to register as self-employed, right? Well, my issues are:
When is the best time to register? Should I do it right after the beginning of tax season (April) so that I pretty much start selling right then and don't have to deal with like a month left into the end of tax season when I'm just starting?
Besides registering as self-employed, how do I let the council know with inconsistent payments? I have some reader base so I know I will make some money, but probably not much and definitely not consistently. How do I avoid them taking a certain amount of money out of the ESA (which we need to survive) thinking my release month is how all of my months would be? (generally, sales are high around the release and then slowly drop)
I'm just so stressed about it all, but especially the taxes. :( I doubt there is anyone here who also published books on Amazon, but if so, can you please give me some pointers?
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2021.12.05 12:10 bruh112a why do you guys hate bruised bananas?

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2021.12.05 12:10 jovanmilic97 Multiple incidents at the start of F2 Feature Race suspended under a red flag

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2021.12.05 12:10 Routine_Astronaut969 Chats were cool but now gettin slow…lol

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2021.12.05 12:10 GamingxZone Far Cry 6 Clara Viva Libertad

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2021.12.05 12:10 Johnsonseahorse6hp idk doesn't seem like choking to me

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2021.12.05 12:10 amino_oomf im teting

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2021.12.05 12:10 thetiredartist Is the Steak N Shake open in the Waterfront yet?

I know if was "supposed" to open on the 2nd of December but didn't hear if it actually did. I need my fix of cheap and greasy burgers without driving out there and being disappointed.
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2021.12.05 12:10 Glad-Mistake-9096 H:3k circuit 10 k aluminum 10 k copper 8 k acid and 20 k steel and bloodied 50 25 fixer W:quad offer for all the junk and the weapon

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2021.12.05 12:10 kolikuttan94133 Why has psychology been unsuccessful?

I have completed my undergraduate. But i have noticed that mental health treatments are not effective.. Richard Feynman called social sciences as cargo cult sciences.. What do you think?
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2021.12.05 12:10 Downvote_pIs Playing as black. Guess the elo? I’m kinda new so pls don’t judge too much

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