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Kismet - Dated

2021.12.05 10:31 itsanari Kismet - Dated

“Jury, where’d- Ope, never mind-”
“Found it-!”
“I can see that- hold on, just- ack-”
Charity listened in to the conversation between the guardian and ghost, fingers moving quickly as she tatted a lace edge for a collar. “What’s he like?” She asked idly with a grin.
“Ow- ow ow- Hold on-”
“Trin, I can help if-”
There was a loud crash and the titan hastily stumbled out of the room a moment later, catching the door frame and looking at Charity with a lopsided smile. “Come again?”
Trinity’s armor was polished nicely, helmet clipped to her belt opposite her mark. Jury was just over her shoulder, shaking with stifled laughter.
“Just what are you doing in there?” The old woman asked with a quirked brow.
“Fine-! Fine, it’s all fine-!”
Charity’s brow stayed where it was. The guardian took another step into the hall, adjusting her mark and standing a bit straighter. She was absolutely beaming. “Well, look at you- all gussied up. Still doesn’t answer my question.”
“What- Oh! Real cute,” Trinity replied, scratching her cheek, “Tall dark ‘n’ handsome kinda deal-”
“Taller than you?”
“Taller than me,” she confirmed, “He’s got his own ship too- little bit shy, his ghost’s a piece of work-”
“So he is another guardian,”
“Yeah, thought I mentioned-! Met him on patrol out over… Ah geez, where was it, I was helping Cim’ with something out way beyond the walls- and low and behold here comes this blazing hammer out of nowhere, with this other titan wreathed in flame and light, really saved our-”
Charity’s expression must have soured as Trinity cut herself off. “-What I mean to say is, saved us a lot of hassle- more the merrier, y’know?”
Jury zipped off back into the room, his usual more reserved demeanor shed for the moment. The old woman sighed, rubbing the side of her head- but she tried to offer a smile. “Well, I do hope your evening goes well, Trin- do you expect to be back tonight?”
“Uhm. Maybe? I’m not sure yet, admittedly,”
There was a beat of silence before the guardian’s face turned red. “That’s, oh- you’re getting the wrong idea-!” Her backpedaling pulled a laugh from Charity as she stood slowly, tatting project in one hand and the other firmly on her cane. “I’m teasing, Trin- just teasing,”
The titan stuck her tongue out. “Meanie.”
“Trin- he’s here,” Jury called. He shot back towards his guardian, overcorrecting and sliding back towards her pauldron as she did one last check over her armor.
“How do I look?”
“Like a guardian,” Charity replied, giving her a genuine smile. “At least let me walk you to the door?”
“Always, sis,” she replied with a playful wink. Charity masked the melancholy bubble that pulled in her throat, pushing it down as she kept up the smile. The two descended the steps slowly, reaching the bottom by the time the doorbell rang. Amity and Trinidad appeared at the bannister on the upper floor to watch, the teen pulling off his headphones and fiddling with a tassel on his vest.
“Who’s it?” He asked quietly, leaning hard on the railing. Trinity opened the door with a flourish, stepping to the side slightly to reveal the guest.
Charity scrutinized the titan standing just outside- he had a few inches on Trinity, armor similarly scrubbed, ghost over his shoulder and expression pleasant.
He was purple.
“Hey-! Hey, Sin’- this is my family,” Trinity said brightly, reaching out and pulling him through the threshold, gesturing broadly, “Everyone, these are my friends Sinatra and his ghost Don- That’s my niece Amity, her grandson Trinidad, and this is my sister Charity,”
He inclined his head politely to each of them, remaining closer to the door. “Good evening, ah- pleasure to meet you.” The Awoken shuffled a bit and cleared his throat. He was a bundle of nerves rolling just beneath the surface- Charity could pin it from a mile away.
“Pleasure is mine,” she assured him gently, “Now we don’t want to keep you two- please, go out- have fun, enjoy your evening.”
Sinatra seemed to relax immediately as Trinity stepped up next to him, gripping his pauldron and giving a friendly shake. “See, Sin’? Just a meet ‘n’ greet, nothing too long- now c’mon- I’m starving,”
His ghost seemed to roll his eye. “Food’s not the only thing you-”
The Awoken reached up and grabbed the ghost, silencing him with a wan smile. “Yes, let’s.”
Charity stifled a laugh and patted Trinity’s back. “Go. See you. Goodbye,”
That much made Trinity finally laugh, looping her arm through Sinatra’s and turning him towards the door with a wave of her free hand. “Good ni-ight~!”
And the two guardians were gone- heading down the street and chatting brightly. The old woman watched them go from the doorway until they disappeared around a corner. Still smiling, she returned inside and closed the door behind her.
Trinity plopped into the copilot’s seat at an angle, one knee over the armrest and other crossing it as she rested her arm on the headrest. “So what’s the plan?”
Sinatra slid into his own seat, pulling at the controls to push the Bifrost from the landing platform. “Find a nice place to park and eat. Fair?”
“Fair,” she affirmed. She glanced around the cockpit, reaching up to poke a pair of charms hanging from the window divider. They caught light and swung as the Bifrost lifted off, and Sinatra reached out to gently lower her hand.
“Got anywhere in mind?” He asked just as gently.
“Could head out somewhere quiet, just enjoy the nice weather and sit out on the back while we eat."
She watched his look soften. "That'd be… nice, I think."
"You got a picnic blanket?"
The Awoken made a sweeping turn, the City just out her window before disappearing past the ship's peripherals. "Just the blanket in my hammock,"
Trinity gave a low whistle. "Gonna royally screw your back with a hammock, Sin', wanna see if we can find a fold up bed-? If, it's space that's an issue- just something you can stow up in the wall when you don’t need it,"
He waited a beat before replying. "That's a kind offer. May even take you up on it.”
She grinned back, continuing to sprawl in the seat. “What’d you end up getting for dinner?”
“New ramen place I found- been a few times. Has some of the best broth so far.”
There was a bit of a smile pulling at the corners of his mouth. “Oh?” Trinity pressed further, “Not spicy, right?”
“Not spicy,” he confirmed.
“And why do I feel like that’s not all?”
“It isn’t. Though I’d like to keep it closer to my chest until we figure out where we’ll be, ah… Situated,”
“Y’know, hard to argue. Surprises are nice.”
Late evening found the two titans on the back platform of the Bifrost with a mostly empty bottle of brandy between them, takeout containers cleaned out and sniper rifles laid out across their laps. Trinity was giggling, hiding her face with the back of her hand as she struggled to remain upright. Sinatra fared marginally better, leaning hard against the side railing and pulling his rifle up against his shoulder.
“Wh-what?” He asked, lopsided grin following her as she looked out over the moonlit suite of lakes, cliff face behind them and the deep of space high above.
“Just, think it’s funny,”
“What is-?”
“All of it, y’know?”
“Awfully specific,” he needled back- he reached for the brandy and took a mouthful, and a second, setting the bottle down between them and cringing. Some splashed onto his glove, soaking into the fabric and chilling his hand. Trinity continued to giggle, shifting to lay down flat on her stomach again. Her rifle’s stock was pressed firm against her shoulder, and with one hand she reached forward to flip down the bipod.
“Spot me,”
“Hah, kay-” He chuckled, stopping the bottle and adjusting to mirror her position. With a quick motion he pulled the scope from his gun, using it as a fieldglass. “What’s on the- oh-? Sh-” He looked up, squinting before looking through the scope again. “Is that-”
Sinatra nearly jumped out of his skin when her gun went off. He waited a beat, adjusting, and lifted a finger to rub his nose. “Get ‘im?”
Trinity ejected the shell casing and hummed. “Nicked. Hold on-”
She ducked as red-clad Fallen in the far distance immediately returned fire. Sinatra scrambled to sit up, almost dropping his weapon as he gave a half-hearted laugh. “Alright, alright- playtime’s over, c’mon, back- back in,”
The other titan wobbled as she stood with a slight “Whoop-!”, the two leaning against each other as they laughed, stumbling back into the cockpit. Sinatra sloppily smashed the controls, sending both to the floor as the Bifrost jerked upwards. The telltale sound of weapon fire disappeared far, far below as they shot up into the upper atmosphere. Sinatra slapped at the controls again, jerking the two guardians sideways as the Bifrost juked and then went still, maintaining a steady orbit.
They both sat in their seats with bleary vision, Trinity breaking the silence with another laugh. Sinatra covered his face and didn’t bother to hide his own.
“If I were to light a match, you’d both go up in smoke with as much as you’ve had to drink,” Don cut in, tone bitter as he shook out his boxy shell. Jury appeared next to him, flaring slightly.
“Awh, c’mon,” Trinity slurred, waving her hand, “Let us have ‘r fun,”
“Oh, the bottle’s back-” Sinatra started, turning to look back to the rear hatch. “Left it-”
“Naw,” she cut him off, raising the container. She tilted it back and finished what little was left, leaning way back in her seat and letting it dangle from her fingers. “Now i’s gone,”
“Mmm… Yeah,” Sinatra pulled the lever on his own seat, pressing his back into it and leaning until he was comfortable. “Y’know m… Maaaybe that wasn’t the MOST enlightened idea,”
“No, really?” Don shot back.
Trinity blew a raspberry, otherwise motionless with head cocked and unfocused look on Sinatra with a grin. “But it was fun.”
“... Lil’ bit.”
He laid there in a heap on his pilot’s seat, letting himself breathe steadily as the ship held them in a comfortable orbit, silence overtaking the cockpit as they rested. He heard Trinity’s breathing change as she drifted off- and Sinatra himself wasn’t far behind.
Sinatra jolted awake and immediately shielded his eyes, groaning as he groped at the controls to adjust the front window’s dimmers. He heard noises from further back in the ship, and glancing to the side saw no sign of Trinity.
“So how you feel?” Don asked, tone knowing and dripping with sarcasm as he perched on Sinatra’s chest.
“‘Ll let you know after I’ve flung myself from the ship and you rez’ me.”
“Oh, I think this is delightful payback.”
Sinatra groaned again, pressing the heels of his palms against his eyes and pursing his lips. “Don, please.”
“Don, please,” his ghost mocked, rising just out of Sinatra’s reach as the titan grabbed at him.
“I’ll throw you out, have fun flying back to the City on your own.”
The Awoken slowly rose, hand still to his head as he shuffled to the living area of the Bifrost. Trinity was seated at the oil drum serving as a table, face-down and one hand firmly gripping a coffee mug. A second, already filled, was across from her.
“Thanks,” he mumbled, taking his own seat and beginning to drink.
“Didn’t know what you like in it, figured you could add but can’t take out.” she offered, voice muffled.
“Black’s fine.”
They sat in silence, Jury drifting off to the side and nosing around the kitchenette. “Water would do you both better than coffee, you know-”
“Thank you,” Trinity cut him off. She sniffed and finally sat up, dark circles under her eyes reflecting about how Sinatra felt. “How much you ‘member?”
“Think you finished the bottle off.”
“... Did we get into a firefight?”
“You two took potshots at leaves for half an hour before pissing off a group of Devils,” Jury replied to her. Sinatra took another sip before standing, bringing his mug with him as he checked the cabinets. He discreetly added a healthy pour of sugar before returning.
“Oh, that sounds familiar,” Trinity replied, “We had to get outta there in a hurry-?”
“Yes. And then you both passed out.”
“Like champs,” She shot back, grimacing. “Well, ruining a Fallen’s day is… Consolation.”
Sinatra nodded his agreement as he retook his seat. They sat in silence and tried to enjoy their coffee.
“Sorry the night didn’t go how you expected,” she said a bit suddenly. He glanced up, slightly surprised.
“What do you mean?”
Her silent look reddened his cheeks as he found himself looking away. “Ah, no- Trin’, no worries. We had a good evening, I… I had a good time, as long as you did. Just… Only issue’s the hangover- promise.”
Her look turned wan before leveling out again. “Well, hey- lesson learned. Two titans bested by brandy.”
“In our defense, it was a big bottle.”
“... In my defense, I don’t remember the last time I drank like that,” she admitted.
“So… Moderation’s in our future?”
“Only if we want to try again.”
“I… I’d like that.” Sinatra felt his look soften as she finally glanced up, returning the smile he knew was on his face.
“... Round two, next week?”
He nodded. “Next week.”
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2021.12.05 10:31 MuteUSO Is it safe to combine Harmalas with Propranolol?

Hi there,
I know that you shouldn’t combine MAOIs/RIMAs with certain medications as the interactions can be very dangerous. I was wondering whether anybody can say if this is also the case with Propranolol (a Beta-Blocker).
I couldn’t find anything about it on the webs.
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I’ve been making fun videos about painting with everyday objects in addition to art tips and motivational content. This is my most recent video of painting with a loofah! Thanks for checking it out. 🥰❤️
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I’ve had severe pain in my leg and foot for the past two weeks that’s most likely sciatica, I’ve seen my PCP and a Physical Therapist already who both concur. I didn’t injure myself before this, I don’t have a slipped/herniated disk, I have absolutely zero clue why this is happening other than it just is. I can’t walk for more than a few minutes without needing to sit/fall and I can’t sleep at all. The pain has been very constant and centralized in my ankle/foot and knee. When I started PT he said the goal was to get the pain to retreat further up my leg and into my back, but he could never get it to go past my knee. Now my toes and the side of my foot are numb. Not tingly, numb. Nothing I have taken for pain has helped, no proper stretches have made an impact, and I can’t fathom the concept of this pain not ending. I don’t know if I’m asking for advice or what but will someone just tell me it’s gonna go away because I would actually rather have my leg amputated than continue to deal with this if it’s chronic.
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2021.12.05 10:31 random72guy How do you find a job with good engineering and work/life balance?

How do you find a job that actually cares about doing best practices without having a horrible work/life balance?
For context, I've been a web developer since interning in 2012. At every company, I've been the one passionate about learning and pushing best practices, and I've become a go-to person for software engineering, agile, and DevOps. I recently switched jobs and am horrified to hear that my new team has a policy of using loose typing instead of strong typing. Not looking to start a religious war, but that decision scares the bejeezus out of me, and it's already become clear this will make tiny bugfixes (e.g. making a property optional) inordinately difficult and risky. My coworkers agree, but are resigned to live with the decision. I like them, and my salary seems good (just for context, and because I think transparency is important for helping fellow professionals, I'll share that position pays $140K) but I'm getting frustrated, and feel like these are red flags that this position won't help my career path and viability, which worries me. So I'm considering calling this a loss and resuming job hunting.
I feel like this issue may be endemic to the government contracting industry. But the only alternatives I've head of have horrible work/life balance; like Amazon/Google burning out batches of newgrads, or startups with high job risk and super-long hours. But I'd love some outside perspective. Am I just being too picky here? Do jobs that have the best of both worlds really exist? Am I looking in the wrong places, or asking the wrong questions?
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2021.12.05 10:31 sai911 Can only play 1 game at a time

I have an issue where I cannot play more than one game before I have to connect to a VPN and disconnect again or quit the game and come back.
It's really frustrating and I don't know why!
I really need help solving this because I'm really close to rage quitting.
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I bought a pair of Filson raw denim jeans yesterday. Love the fit and color, but at 5’8”, I have to roll them like 3-4 times and feel silly (these are 36x34 and I don’t want to wash them at least until I lose 10 more pounds or get more wear in them). I don’t mind a single cuff, but can’t do a mega cuff. Just a nice simple roll so I can wear them with a blazeshirt.
Any tailors in the DC area do raw denim hemming?
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2021.12.05 10:31 ourkid2000 A better backup solution

Good day all, I'm looking for some advice on a better solution for my home network backup needs. Here's what I have currently:
- Raspberry Pi4b with a Samba server running. - External hard drive attached with all my important files on it connected to the Samba Share. This drive came from an older Windows system though (before I switched to Linux Mint) and it is formatted as NTFS so it's not ideal. - A second external hard drive that I use GRsync to copy everything from the first external drive periodically so that I have a backup. I do this manually. This hard drive has been formatted in exFAT.
It seems kinda complex, or convoluted. Is there a better way? I'd love to hear it.....other than buying a fancy expensive NAS unit like a Synology or something.
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