Jung psychology is very intuitive. How would a sensor oriented psychology look?

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2022.01.21 08:21 poopoopoo567 Jung psychology is very intuitive. How would a sensor oriented psychology look?

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2022.01.21 08:21 babyabs2 Welcome to Lazy Horse Race Club

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2022.01.21 08:21 Hhhgshdvsndv Divorced but 💯available for new Cubs😏 I’m 39 looking for a young age I’m okay financially I’ll take care of your responsibilities $ and if you want to be my text buddy… dm if interested in the offer…

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2022.01.21 08:21 crytoloover 🚨 Narendra Modi News Crypto News | Wazirx big Announcement | Wazirx News| Cryptocurrency ||

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2022.01.21 08:21 _The_-_Mole_ Ikon SK6 Vector gutted

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2022.01.21 08:21 NoobitePG3D Hey noobite u must quit pg or get a life

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2022.01.21 08:21 freebsdlego1 What exactly makes fat people healthy?

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2022.01.21 08:21 mrstow32 Triggered by Instagram trends and judged by everyone else. This is a normal Thursday

So, fun story. Instagram (in UK anyway) has a trend on right now where people are posting 10 year apart friendship photos. Lovely idea.
Triggering as hell for me as I have absolutely no pictures of anyone I knew 10 years ago and me. I'm often reading about how temporary friendships are for us with BPD and I guess this is proof. Very not great.
Throw in my own wife then saying to me "oh I know what you're like, you're making it worse than it was" after venting to her about being treated like shit by my boss, and all in all, not a fun day.
I should point out this is nothing serious and I'm aware of that, I'm lucky to be happily married to a very patient and usually super supportive person. Just that 10 year thing hit different and hasn't left me. And the fact no matter how much better I get, people will always pre judge me bothers me greatly too...
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2022.01.21 08:21 nf_highlights Lonnie Walker IV : All Possessions (2022-01-19)

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2022.01.21 08:21 Ranger_Trivette create a new NFT. What to do if the image is covered by copyright?

i see lot of batman/spiderman/marvel/comics etc around the internet.
what i have to do to use a character like batman to create an NFT? do i have to pay something? (seems legit) do i need the permission from DC COmics? (this looks very complicated)
does anyone has some experiences?
thanks :)
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2022.01.21 08:21 SpicyMango92 Day 90, what’s next?

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2022.01.21 08:21 Pampuch17 Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaist)

Comrades! I invite you to learn more about the Comintern (SH), the international Marxist-Leninist organization fighting for world socialist revolution! Feel free to email us if you have any questions!
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2022.01.21 08:21 NimbleBarrister I want to know if they have a job

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2022.01.21 08:21 nf_highlights Mamadi Diakite 8 PTS: All Possessions (2022-01-19)

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2022.01.21 08:21 jrutd What’s normal to give a 5 year old but not a 50 year old?

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2022.01.21 08:21 pettybettyboo I've heard Rocket League was impossible to cheat at? Is that true, and are you aware of any other games where it's also really impractical to cheat?

I've played RL before, but I'm a big fan of cs:go, and unfortunately everyone knows the cheater situation. Now I was looking for games that have the least cheaters, and although Rocket League is alright, I really dislike the goofy art direction. It's all nice but it reminds me of a bad time in my life, when I played another game with toy cars, it just feels off to me for a personal reason. No I wasn't raped, but honestly I can't remember why I dislike it. Oh I forgot to mention I'm against kernel level anti-cheat, due to the FaceIt incident. So Valorant, Warzone, etc. unfortunately don't cut it. Although I did love MW3 at one point.

Any ideas?
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2022.01.21 08:21 _kiminara /100gecs Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.21 08:21 rundmcc [Amazon] Blink-182 - Greatest Hits [2 LP] @ $22.99

Visit Deals On Vinyl for this deal or direct link
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2022.01.21 08:21 Melodic_League_8993 ONLYFANS ACCOUNTS TE KOOP

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2022.01.21 08:21 vmr907 New Releases: January 21, 2022 - The Ferrymen

AshesOfAres #BattleBeast #BillyTalent #Boris #ComebackKid #DiamondDogs #Giant #HardRock #KissinDynamite #MarsAttacksRadio #Metal #music #SignalsFromMars #SonataArctica #TheDollyrots #TheFerrymen https://www.marsattacksradio.com/2022/01/new-releases/new-releases-january-21-2022-the-ferrymen/
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2022.01.21 08:21 BravePoet6416 What is a stand ability that'll always get into your book of approved?

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2022.01.21 08:21 nf_highlights Joe Wieskamp : All Possessions (2022-01-19)

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2022.01.21 08:21 illustrationsbysimon (OC) Tornado Trouble

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2022.01.21 08:21 Powerbank89 Let's discuss: in my opinion in CO-OP modes, bonuses related to "battle members" should be counted if the buddy matches the requirements. What do you think? Bardock picture for reference.

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2022.01.21 08:21 Nexxumus Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Symm 2 sensitivity issues

I have recently bought the pwnage ultra custom sym mouse and I have to say it's as if this mouse was tailor-made for my hand... its an insane perfect fit. With that being said I can't help but notice some sensitivity issues while gaming... I have been using my brother's razor viper mouse and it feels much smoother (sensitivity wise) I have tried matching everything in regards to the dpi and mouse sensitivity but something still feels off. It's as if the sensitivity changes from time to time and no I didn't accidentally click the sensitivity change toggle, I could be wrong but there is 100% something off with the sensitivity. 
Appreciate any help :(.... I love this mouse so much I want to make it work
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