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220121 Zepeto: Hang out with TinyTan

TINYTAN DIY CUBIC PAINTING – MICDROP $ 19.99. 엑소 시우민 (EXO XIUMIN) – ON : XIUWEET TIME PHOTO STORY BOOK $ 49.99. MONSTA X 2021 PHOTOBOOK PACKAGE [CHILLAX MODE] $ 69.99. 지효 (Jihyo) – Yes, I am Jihyo. / 1ST PHOTOBOOK (화보집) $ 52.99. 태민(TAEMIN) – Beyond live photo story book Never Gonna Dance Again Issue 6.1 (March 2004) Thematic Issue: Shakespeare on Film in Asia and Hollywood. Ed. Charles S. Ross Yangyoo is a Korea-based company leading the F&B industry by introducing various brands that the market needs through its own developed big-data analysis solution. Among our brand, 청년떡집(Young Man Dduk) has attracted attention through online also in the U.S. with its product collaborated with the BTS character 'Tinytan'. Chimmy (치미, also stylized as CHIMMY) is one of the eight main characters of the brand BT21. Chimmy was created by Jimin. Chimmy is a playful puppy in yellow represents that BTS' overall image. BTS reminds people of puppies since the boys love to hang out and are super active. That's why Jimin created a character that's a puppy. CHIMMY always sports the signature yellow hoodie and is ... bts japan official shop. 注文をキャンセルした覚えがありません。何でキャンセルされたんですか? 1/18 Max Factory Pop Up Parade Nadeshiko Kagamihara open for reservation.: 1/14 Intelligent Systems Byleth open for reservation.: 1/11 Orchid Seed Komiflo Image Character Aoi Komikawa Illustrated by Mataro open for reservation.: 1/4 Bandai Gasha Portraits Premium Evangelion Rei Ayanami (Set of 4) open for reservation. Las primeras impresiones suelen ser acertadas, y, a primera vista, los presuntos 38 segundos filtrados en Reddit del presunto nuevo trailer de Vengadores 4, con el oportuno presunto título de ...

2022.01.21 08:07 bie716 220121 Zepeto: Hang out with TinyTan

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2022.01.21 08:07 HappyKitten5695 Father Tells Horrific Story Of The Unlawful Removal Of His Newborn Son W...

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2022.01.21 08:07 Javionidas My two G-shock, the most comfortable and reliable in my collection

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2022.01.21 08:07 Tijuanaco1 Ura ura no mi

I think uranus would be zunesha Maybe that thing ate the ura ura no mi, a DF with the powers to turn the owner into a giant form that can lift shit on its back
Ura=Back Urano=URA ura NO mi
Jeje (sorry for my bad english)
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2022.01.21 08:07 Snoo-40069 Does he really want to be exclusive?

I have been talking to this guy since a few months and I came to the conclusion that this guy is in a relationship in reality. I finally asked him about that and he said yes. I talked to him the day before and even the previous week. He responded rather quickly and even talked about sex (even if it was just a phrase). We were fwb btw. I also forgot an item at his place and asked him to give me back. What kinda intrigued me is that he didn’t propose to send me it instead he said that we’re gonna find a schedule to give me it back. He told that me that next week, he’s gonna be free and he finally told me to see me monday at 6pm. Why such a hour to see someone to simply give back an item?
Don’t worry guys, I planned to block him once I bring back my item.
But if he really wanted to exclusive to his S.O, he would tell me in the first place without I had to ask him? He would tell me that he won’t longer talking to me, that he loves his person or something like that?
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2022.01.21 08:07 Ezzzy61 Simp L , pay later

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2022.01.21 08:07 liljestrandarn The first breath of the cold on the water (1895), Gustaf Fjæstad [3008x1437]

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2022.01.21 08:07 Gordzulax What's your funniest memory from high school?

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2022.01.21 08:07 Hotwill100 Humanity's forbidden mechs

For years humans have used and operated some kind of mech in their militaries.
From small cargo mechs to large combat systems
They all played a roll in the humans ranks.
But this was not always the case. When humans finally started their combat trials for their mechs they had problems. The units were unbalanced at critical points due to the delay from user to movement.
This started a Neuro link program to help reduce the delay. The test were simple and started small. Cargo mechs were the first to test and use the system in a controlled environment.
After those test proved to be successful they added the test to some of the military units. At first it was the basic training unit so users would get the feel of a unit. After those test were completed they added the system to the production mechs.
These mechs were assigned to mobile guard positions. This was a simple task that would allow field data and light combat data. Some time passed and the green light was given to mass produce the mech upgrade and a reworked mechs.
This was a huge success.
For years the system was improved and its safety system was upgraded so users could pilot for as long as they wanted with out getting sick from over use.
Heres where the humans started to get greedy with the Neuro link and its use. The normal link was just a basic controll and time improvement with little to no brain interference.
They started to test with deeper controll.
Select pilots were chosen for the project. Pilots who showed promise but lacked the physical ability. Wounded soldiers, people hard of hearing, hard of sight, disabilities, and or just not cut for normal front line work.
These were what the human scientist called guinea pigs or lab rats.
They were housed in a remote facility and tested on. After the contract they signed they lost all of their rights and became a item.
The test were horrible and many died from their brain frying with to much link current. Some were worse. They did not die but they came back with a bigger disability then they arrived in. Some were pronounced as vegetables and their plug was pulled.
This went on for months but 6 of the remaining pilots were left. They survived the hardship of the testing. They were given their full rights back and a new contract was drafted and signed.
They became weapons of total war.
This is where we wish this story ended but sadly no. These 6 went on many missions to hundreds of locations throughout the universe. Killing thousands. Friend or foe if you were on the list you were dead.
Then one day one of the pilots dropped off the map.
The remaining 5 were sent to deal with them. When they arrived they noticed the mech and pilot acting strange. Very feral and animal like. When approaching the feral mech turned twords them and they were shocked.
The pilot and mech have fuzed into one hybrid machine human combo. It attacked. Quickly and in naturally responsive the 5 remaining mechs responded. It was a hard battle but they won.
On returning to base with the ruined hybrid in tow. One of the remaining mech pilots started not to feel good. They were dismissed to the mech dock for repair and rest.
A few minuets later the alarms were sounding and a alert to heavily armed units to the mech dock. As the remaining 4 went they saw the 5th in a Simi critical state. It was transforming into a hybrid. They quickly subdued the unit and pilot.
After the incident the remaining 4 pilots returned to their docks and dismounted their mech. Of the 4 one had problems. The other 3 rushed to help out but noticed they had started to fuze to the mech. With no other choice they quickly pulled a knife out and cut the stuck pilot out.
The pilot was rushed to the medical center under critical conditions. The remaining 3 walked to the command center debriefing room for more information. After a long while the commanding officer (CO) of the base walked in. He quickly explained that the 3 pilots remain out of their mechs and are to wait for further orders.
The 3 remaining were shocked and quickly asked what was happening. Hesitant the CO said that the project was canceled and the other 3 pilots are dead. The mech started to eat and consume the neural networks of their brains and started to fuze in to one.
When asked more he just shook his head as a sign saying they don't know more and can't share more.
Shortly after the 3 pilots were given simple base jobs and the mechs and project was pushed under the table but with a red sign saying that under no circumstances should this project happen again.
The rest of humanity's mechs were quietly tested to see if the same this was happening but they were pleased to see that it was not the case and dismissed the idea.
Humans had the power to wield the mechs to their fullest but understood that with power takes great controll.
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2022.01.21 08:07 ARichTeaBiscuit #GE5 [Auckland] ARichTeaBiscuit tackles misinformation during a campaign event

ARichTeaBiscuit continued her re-election campaign in typical fashion, with the Alliance co-leader seen speaking to a group of assembled journalists and university students.
"Hello there,
It has been quite inspiring to see people from across New Zealand engage in the democratic process over the past few days, and personally I have also found the differing styles and policies at work from the different parties, however, at the same time I have also encountered a few pieces that I wish to directly counter today and provide some fresh perspective on.
First, we have the rather offensive and ridiculous assertion from the National Party that Alliance's stance on drugs are a threat to our children, of course, such nonsense isn't based on reality and was simply made as a cheap throwaway attack against Alliance, however, it does remind me of the stark and important differences between National and Alliance on drugs.
In Alliance we've taken an evidence-based approach to formalising our stance on drug legislation, so we know that the most effective responses to the problems associated with drug use are made by governments that view it as a health issue as opposed to a simple criminal issue, a prime example being Portugal, a country that went from having one of the worst records of HIV/AIDS and other drug associated problems to scoring amongst some of the best performers in Europe and then you've got the Netherlands that actively benefits from their current approach in the form of increased tourism and additional income for small businesses.
National have seemingly decided to stick their head into the sand and ignore both this abundance of evidence and the simple fact that the war on drugs has failed, as evidenced by the United States which currently has one of the highest prison populations in the world due to the number of people behind bars for crimes related to narcotics.
Thankfully Alliance have been able to modernise our approach to drugs over the past few terms, so we no longer have to blindly follow the failed American approach to narcotics, unfortunately, as I just mentioned the National Party have no interest in supporting policies that lead to better outcomes for the average Kiwi and would rather scaremonger and unquestionably follow the United States without question, so I have no doubt that if they get into a position of power they'll at least attempt to reverse the positive changes we've made.
Secondly, we have the assertions that have been made by the right-wing over the past few days that they are the only ones that should be trusted with the books, however, if you take a close look at what they propose then you'll be able to see what they actually mean by this. National would their newly proposed tax brackets would effectively increase the level of taxation on the average working Kiwi, why? All so that they can lower taxation on the wealthiest in New Zealand, a fact which isn't surprising to those who know that National exist to peddle the interests of the ultra wealthy but a fact that is even more offensive when you consider that the spending cuts that would be engaged in by the National Party would disproportionately harm working and middle class Kiwis.
All of this will be wholeheartedly supported by ACT, as they've got history in simply rubber stamping horrific policy ideas pushed by the National Party, a recent example being their approval of Nationals horrifically inefficient infrastructure program which had to be remade into something comprehensible and useful by Alliance a couple of terms ago, and I have no doubts that this horrible vision will be supported by the far-right people Heartland NZ as their self-claimed rural interest politics are ultimately just a poor cover for their real anti-worker agenda.
If we are to put a stop to these regressive approaches to everything from drug reform to economic policy then we need to ensure that parliament has a strong delegation of Alliance representatives, now you know me, right? I have a record of both holding harmful National-led governments to account and a record of governance behind me, so whatever the outcome of the election you'll know that I will fight in your corner to get the best outcome available for you, so if you are interested in keeping a local representative that fights for economic and social justice then give two ticks Alliance, thank you!"
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2022.01.21 08:07 musics_relaxant Minha rotina diária de alongamento

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2022.01.21 08:07 sad_boythrowaway Should I go play in traffic in a dimly lit area while it’s raining?

View Poll
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2022.01.21 08:07 CtoI_Singapore Shah Rukh returns to social media after four months

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2022.01.21 08:07 Fissaubb DEIP wrote an article describing the benefits of their token and how to use it. The DEIP platform and token may generate new monetary value and revenue streams from what you've created, whether you're an artist, musician, video producer, or own any physical or intangible asset that can be monetized.

DEIP wrote an article describing the benefits of their token and how to use it. The DEIP platform and token may generate new monetary value and revenue streams from what you've created, whether you're an artist, musician, video producer, or own any physical or intangible asset that can be monetized. submitted by Fissaubb to CryptoCurrencyClassic [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 08:07 HESHY94 Google chrome Addones for basinc PDF operations (Request)

Good days.
I've been using Acrobat Pro DC for studying, (books, journals, research papers,.... etc) mainly splitting files and using multiple color highlighting. the thing is adobe is heavy and after highlighting a 200 page document it becomes a nightmare to navigate. I noticed when i open a highlighted document in chrome its as smooth as silk. I felt like i'm being ripped off by adobe at this point
I'm wondering are there any addones to at least offer a multi color highlight and adding comments
keep in mind that I use a powerful PC.
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2022.01.21 08:07 Hopeful_Ad9314 Best A?

For those who has finished, who is your favorite A?
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2022.01.21 08:07 zsmithworks 'Boba Fett' theory reveals a huge Star Wars conspiracy hiding in plain sight - Inverse

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2022.01.21 08:07 BaalNahil 220121 Mingyu Instagram Update (2)

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2022.01.21 08:07 badlikewolf Meat Loaf, 'Bat Out Of Hell' singer, has died at 74

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2022.01.21 08:07 thefoxykitten [29F] TGIF

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2022.01.21 08:07 calconnor22 What kind of guys would you say listen to The Weeknd?

Just thought this would be a good question to ask.
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2022.01.21 08:07 HJenkinsRSN Jessica McKay Teases Something Peachy With Sizzling Lingerie Drop

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2022.01.21 08:07 NikoRoxx 1832-1842

"Ok, I've decided to record 10 years on tape now, so let's go"
"So our gang got more blankets for nighttime so we don't freeze to death and get hypothermia but I was the only one because the others got hanged for stealing from a guard, also I have left the option of escaping and just serving my sentence and hoping for parole, also last year a fight broke out where someone almost killed a guard and because of that he was executed for attacking a guard, and here I am just living and not on death row after 20 years, so yeah that's cool, I also made a refined tape recorder so it works well now, I also make a lot of cassettes do this case so yeah, anyways some other stuff happened like a virus breaking out and someone committing suicide because the guards abused him so much he was pushed to it even though everyone else was there for him and making sure he was ok, it wasn't enough to convince him not to, so the guards were shunned upon after that and that was pretty much it, there wasn't anything else interesting this year, so this is Archi Vagenflam from Merotala, Armattia, signing off"
"Wait, why did I say tha-"
*The tape ends here
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2022.01.21 08:07 koincexx Absolutely, unequivocally cursed.

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2022.01.21 08:07 MisaKarin Ganyu and Keqing on a winter day( art by me)

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