San from Princess Mononoke by Dinaniaina Ramangalahy

2022.01.21 08:33 Ultartx San from Princess Mononoke by Dinaniaina Ramangalahy

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2022.01.21 08:33 DumbleDefault I drew wrestling stuff on my school books

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2022.01.21 08:33 Yabebiri Votantes de Alberto se les vuela el techo

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2022.01.21 08:33 AcceptableAuthor8647 About to break NC, really need some counterargument..

It has been 7 days of NC today and the last text I sent her was 'do not contact me again, even if you want to try again'.
I'm struggling with this because I feel like I still have a link with her with this "restriction". In my mind it's like "damned I forbid her to do something, what if she really would like to come back, to reconcile".
I would like to text her something like "I release you from that last message" so that I can truly kill the hope of her return with my mind rather that with a prohibition by message I would regret later. Do you know what i mean ?
I'm lost..
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2022.01.21 08:33 PrivateSpeaker "I've met someone" My heart goes out to everyone who has ever had to hear these words

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2022.01.21 08:33 Karses Torii

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2022.01.21 08:33 Charly_DM 🙈🙉🙊

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2022.01.21 08:33 Imaorange410 Can Google be trusted?

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2022.01.21 08:33 uh06 I'm in seminary right now and goddamn

They're like if your gay don't get married but if you don't get married you won't live with God, being gay really is a lose/lose/lose situation
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2022.01.21 08:33 nanami-773 アメリカのスーパーの棚は空っぽ! サプライチェーン問題が深刻に

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2022.01.21 08:33 Hansjeee 🔥Grote Nederlandse Fap Discord Server / 🇳🇱Onbekende Meiden Fap 4000+ Members

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2022.01.21 08:33 jbsoutiere Why did Bruno tell Delores about the man of her dreams being engaged?

So, Bruno left like 10 years ago, if the gift ceremony was when Mirabel was 5 and now she’s 15. Delores is currently 21. So Bruno told an 11 year old (or possibly younger) that the man of her dreams would be enagaged to someone else?
She was 11. Imagine being an 11 year old and having your uncle tell your future and him being like, “oh yeah. You believe in love? Well the man you will love one day is engaged to someone else. Sorry.”
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2022.01.21 08:33 ab316_1punchd Besides the disappearance of a certain gorilla in reference to a Pre-Crisis one off DC comic. There's also a reference to Intergang and Khandaq in Peacemaker.

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2022.01.21 08:33 Imaorange410 Android's forgotten shortcut superpowers

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2022.01.21 08:33 Different_Walrus_531 Will I end up being a grumpy teen

When my sister was going through puberty she had some mood swings, kinda grumpy sometimes, same with my brother. But I’m turning 16 soon and haven’t had any grumpiness or mood swing, my parents friends always said how there son and daughter needed lots of “alone time” and how I was so positive. Is normal??? Will I end up getting the grumpiness??
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2022.01.21 08:33 Nekomancer_08 What main stat for sands?

Hey guys!!! Im just wandering if atk sands are better than EM sands for Yae?
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2022.01.21 08:33 AshuraStone Eternals: The 500 year war
This is the OFFICIAL MCU tie-in webcomic. It’s a prequel set several hundred years before the Eternals disbanded as they fought their way through a bunch of Deviants across the world.
A couple of things that were of interest to me through it

  1. Basically a bunch of mythological creatures and folklore were Deviants. Or they were actually mythological creatures from other dimensions that got eaten by deviants and the deviants gained their abilities and appearances after eating them.
  2. Sprite and Gilgamesh have been making fun of each other for centuries.
  3. The deviants have been slowly evolving to obtain and use both magical powers and he cosmic energy the Eternals for about 1000 years now. That one Deviant in the movie isn’t just a random occurrence.
  4. The Eternals kinda knew everyone who was anyone in history. They also regularly interfere with humanity. Not in conflicts but humanity in general.
  5. Majority of the things in the Domo in the film were gifts from humans given to the Eternals over millennia. Makari did steal of bunch of stuff though including everything was made later than the 16th century because that’s when the Eternals disbanded.
Overall its a fun quick read. You get a few glimpses of each other Their characters and dynamics. There’s a lot history talk since each story was made by different people based on the history of their ethnicities.
You can read it here
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2022.01.21 08:33 Lunaotic Chasing Shadows, Me, Digital, 2022

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2022.01.21 08:33 nervousmelon Piss

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2022.01.21 08:33 AshkanSafavi Hey guys, last time I had some comments talking about the swords size so I've fixed in this sketch I hope u like it

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2022.01.21 08:33 Creative_Beautiful_8 hyundai sonata JK27

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2022.01.21 08:33 Quimnea [QUIMNEA] | [The soul of an instant beating over millions of dots]

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2022.01.21 08:33 yashiroO_o Underground rap/cloud rap playlist 4 u <3

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2022.01.21 08:33 Jmackhussle1982 Laid

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2022.01.21 08:33 FairyRosebuds Anyone familiar with the Yaqui Tribe? Any arido Americans over here?

Hello! I was born and raised in Mexico. In the municipality of Cajeme in Valle del Yaqui. I grew up listening to the Yaqui traditional songs and stories, and hanging out in the Yaqui districts. Still, in my genealogical research I can’t find any direct connection or ancestry from the tribe. Anyway, while growing up I was not religious at all and I didn’t appreciate all the richness of the community around me.
As an adult I became a pagan. I live in Europe and work with deities of Roman Pantheon but I want to add some of my Mexican heritage to my practice. I am interested mainly in Yaqui culture as I think being born there means something, but I see most threads here are about Mexica and Maya.
Because of migration issues, I haven’t been able to go back to Mexico since along time ago, so sadly I can’t go there and try to contact anyone from the community directly. Any Yaqui community here or any resources you know you can recommend me? Thank you !
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