Megnutt02 Angel in the bedroom!!!

2022.01.21 09:29 ticker3d8iscouragi Megnutt02 Angel in the bedroom!!!

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2022.01.21 09:29 Admirable-Repair8235 💦

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2022.01.21 09:29 hibiscusflobackup I bought a $500 designer keychain for my locker key at my highschool. AMA.

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2022.01.21 09:29 NameNotUpdated WCGW if you "play along" with a scammer

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2022.01.21 09:29 BlyatusMaximus farthest Me, Digital, 2021

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2022.01.21 09:29 CriminalScum_ [Orient] Is this 42mm Orient stands too big on my wrist ?

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2022.01.21 09:29 Affectionate-Mode-71 Who was the most rude celebrity you ever met?

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2022.01.21 09:29 ladoosingh Easy Office Makeup Look | Super Tips | Lazy Girls Guide
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2022.01.21 09:29 oldswizzlestick What use is an MBA?

I am a long time bartender that went back to community college during Covid. I took classes through summer and winter sessions and on advice of a counselor I am about to finish with a business AA and have been courting a few nearby MBA programs. I want out of hospitality but no one can actually tell me what I do with an MBA. Should i minor in something related to a certain field? I’m sure I’ll get some decent networking in but before I spend 3-4 more years I’d love to know if I’ve got a real career path. Everyone says office jobs, which i absolutely want, but not one counselor can narrow down a field. So those of you in Southern California with a MBA could you offer some direction?
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2022.01.21 09:29 ProfessionalMove703 Teemo is really in bad state needs a mini rework

In my region teemo is unplayable in high elo]( i hit diamond with him but the amount of hate and trash talk I received force me to lose in purpose to stay in emerald I feel really bad really.
PC teemo have higher impact since they buff his blind duration I'm not asking for a buff like PC I want wild rift rework him to viable solid like shyvana wukong Katarina.
If Dev see this you guys have creativity like what you did to shyvana she actually a really good in wild rift compare to PC the buff based on dragons is really cool makes some PC shyvana mains play her in wild rift.
Wukong new passive is actually good and addition to heal to his 1st skill is really cool.
Katarina move when ult is clever change make her amazing to play.
Wild rift teemo nothing special about it just swap between passive and 3rd skill.
Conclusion teemo needs a mini rework to be viable and please buff A Sol and unpopular champion not fk ezreal who don't deserve it.
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2022.01.21 09:29 Budget_Frosting_4567 Taking JSON input for "posts", "tags" etc. How to escape '\' charecter or detect carefully?

So, I am making Quora like site Flask.
The registration and login are carefully asserted at every point.
But how do I manage the \n or other '\' charecters everywhere?
It is messing up my neat mongodb database and other stuff,
Please help.
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2022.01.21 09:29 iury_Leaf Cofre do Dante... me fale a senha e eu mostro o que tem dentro...

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2022.01.21 09:29 asmajda Helicopter Money Concept: What does it mean for your energy bill?

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2022.01.21 09:29 Humble-Tour-5558 My 2021 in wrap-up

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2022.01.21 09:29 Cyzero_ A apresentação de Jéssica Silva que não chegou acontecer

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2022.01.21 09:29 MentalTest2 Karma for Karma 🥰

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2022.01.21 09:29 xxpsychmoviefanxx Partners that walk around in inappropriate attire in family resorts are disgusting.

It’s mostly when you are aboard maybe at a family resort, relaxing on the beach or pool and then a couple walk past where the male is wearing speedos with his balls budging out and the women is wearing a skimpy bikini with no bottom on the knickers so her big cheeks hang out, self respect. For me i feel it’s not the place to wear such inappropriate attire especially around kids and it’s almost like they’re trying to attract even though they should be in a happy relationship.
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2022.01.21 09:29 dmason2003 Live past 74?

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2022.01.21 09:29 fiasco_eq MM is really weird

So I passed by someone that had an onyx in 67 games on solo/duo and looked over the accounts games and thought I could do this as well.
I played 2 less games and IMO played very good during the 65 games and my rank was about 100 CRS less during that time (D4) 1397 rank.
Saying this I yielded a higher win ratio, better KD and had similar stats in all other areas (assists, odd ball time, captures, etc.).
What I don't get is how could a player with a lower win ratio + lower kill death end up having such a higher rank in the same period of time than other player that plays significantly better.
Only thing I can think of is one player played against harder competition -- but from my experience over a course of 50 games its just random as hell and overlooking what I had available -- both accounts played similar competition.
I keep seeing players around 1600 CRS who are honestly garbage and I have seen players who are D5 with great accounts (stat wise) who stomp onyx ranks. Some of these players are very consistently good and will win 7 games get 26 CRS to have a teammate DC and loose the game to be stripped all of the CSR they gained in just one game.
I know this might seem like a complaint -- it's more of an observation and further evidence MM and CSR is really broken.
I'm not claiming to be god tier I know I'm average -- but you can't tell me a large population of onyx ranks simply should not be an onyx rank. Diamonds are forever guys don't forget.
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2022.01.21 09:29 Jprinda Horrifying ad to join an engineering society

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2022.01.21 09:29 roadtrip-ne Chilly night in Pawtucket

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2022.01.21 09:29 lscardinali How can I simulate lighting in photoshop using normal maps?

Imagine I have these two textures:
I want to use them on a 2D engine that doesn’t support normal maps. Which is the best way to simulate lighting in Photoshop using the texture and the normal map? Like if I could bake the lightning in the texture to get some shadow in the crevices
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2022.01.21 09:29 Amogusmoment123 i like how we have 600 pp; here but only 10 ppl are active

where are the others
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2022.01.21 09:29 BuprenorphineKid How do they check that it's your first time downloading the app?

Does anyone know the specifics? Because from what I understand a good cache cleaning on your phone ought to do the trick. But this isn't always the case I've noticed.
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2022.01.21 09:29 Willing_Pangolin2824 Emekli Astronot

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